BirthdayLand Overview

We’d like to welcome you to BirthdayLand, where it’s fun to celebrate birthdays all year long! Your child is going to have a wonderful time exploring our magical world and playing our delightful birthday games.

BirthdayLand enhances modern play patterns through providing a super-fun digital app experience, along with a soft plush toy that a child can connect with and love. So as your child gets to know BirthdayLand on a smartphone or tablet, they can play with the plush Birthdaykins and Huggaloons long after game time is over.

There are a total of 7 games and activities in the full BirthdayLand App. When you downloaded the app you received 5 FREE games and activities: the Birthday Countdown Clock, Balloon Pop Spelling Game, Party Pix, Choose-A-Gift Surprise and Crazy Candles Game.

The remaining 2 games can be unlocked with the secret code that's printed on the Birthdaykins hangtag or the inside of the Huggaloons box (you can also unlock these games via in-app purchase):

- Delicious Decorating

- Piñata Party


There are 7 different games and activities that are part of the BirthdayLand App Experience.

  1. Birthday Countdown Clock Activity

    This activity enables your child to countdown birthdays for up to 5 different family members, friends or pets -- whoever has a birthday that you want to remember and celebrate.

    • When you first enter this activity a Clock Set Up Screen will pop up. Tap the “Add Someone New” button to enter the first name and birthdate of someone special. When completed, tap the green balloon. That information has now been saved in the clock. You can add up to 5 names in this way.

    • If you want to add or change the names later, return to the set-up screen by choosing the “Set Up” icon in the upper right corner of the clock screen.

    • Now the clock is set up. To see the names appear on the screen, tap the window where the names appear and each time you tap a different name will be shown. As the names change, the countdown to the birthday window changes as well, and your child can watch their birthday get closer and closer!

    When a special birthday arrives, be sure to return to the app that day for a special BirthdayLand celebration throughout the day.

    There is lots of fun exploration in the Countdown Clock. Your child can discover new friends by opening doors and windows. See what happens your child taps around on the clock’s funny face.

  2. Balloon Pop Spelling Game

  3. In this game your child learns to spell fun birthday themed words by finding letters hidden inside floating balloons.

    • As the balloons inflate and float upward, tap them to make them pop and reveal the letters hidden inside.

    • Tap and drag the individual letters into the correct places below to spell over 125 words.

    • Skill and Speed are needed as the balloons begin to fill faster, and the words become longer!

  4. Party Pix Photo Activity

  5. Take pictures or selfies in various colorful frames decorated with the Birthdaykins. Or choose to be a part of 3 different BirthdayLand scenes.

    • Tap the right or left arrows to choose from a total of 8 frames and 3 BirthdayLand Scenes.

    • Switch camera views from photo to selfie by tapping the camera icon in the top right corner.

    • Tap the camera icon on the bottom of the screen to take the photo. Hold Still -- there is a 3 second countdown on the timer.

    • Tap the save button if you wish to save the image to your camera roll, or discard and try again. Take as many pictures as you want.

    All photos will be stored on your camera roll, and never leave the app unless you choose to send them via text or email.

  6. Choose-A-Gift Surprise! Activity

  7. This activity allows a child to unwrap colorful presents and discover a fun Huggaloon friend inside each one.

    • Once the Huggaloon jumps out of the box, tap it to bring it to life.

    • After unwrapping all the presents, they refill and are ready to be opened again!

    • Don’t be surprised if the Huggaloons have moved to different boxes. They like to do that!
  8. Crazy Candles Game

  9. Help Frosting the Birthdaykin blow out the candles on his cake!

    • Tap the candles as they light, and Frosting will blow them out. (Don’t tap too fast, or Frosting will get tired and need to take a little rest, allowing more candles to light up.)

    • Don’t be surprised if those candles are tricky and re-light themselves! When a candle turns red, the flame is about to go out.

    • Keep tapping until the candle-shaped timer on the left burns down.

    • See how many candles Frosting can blow out!
  10. Delicious Decorating Activity

  11. Decorate a cake with lots of icings, decorations and yummy toppings, and then place up to 8 birthday candles on the cake for a special celebration. Your child can also decorate an ice cream sundae with lots of scrumptious toppings!

    • Swipe to scroll through the various dispensers along the top and bottom of the screen.

    • Tap on the dispensers to add the items to the cake or ice cream.

    • Add as many items as are wanted. When the desert is finished, click the green balloon.

    • Next, a tray of candles slides in from bottom screen. Your child can add as many candles as they want up to the total of 8.

    • Once the candles are added, tap the green balloon to start a special celebration.

    • Make a wish and blow out the candles by either tapping the cake or the green balloon.

    • Now, we’re ready to eat! Tap the fork icon or the dessert and start eating. Tap again and again to eat it all up.

    • Start over at any time by tapping the red balloon.
  12. Piñata Party Game

  13. Piñata Party is a fun visual memory game. Piñatas are swinging and bouncing through the sky, and you must tap the one shown on screen before they drop from the tree. At the beginning of each round, the piñata to find appears momentarily on screen before play begins.

    • When the piñatas start swinging, tap the correct piñata 3 times to earn a piece of candy. If finding the correct piñata is difficult, an arrow will appear and point out the correct one.

    • When 5 pieces of candy have been earned, watch the confetti celebration!

    Your child will want to play again and again! As your child gets better at playing the game, the piñatas will begin to swing faster, and more will appear.

    Thank you for downloading the app! See you in BirthdayLand!